Who We Are

BW Business Analysis Services Ltd provides SMEs with business advice, a complete management consulting service for the financial elements of their venture. Winsome Bonitto is the Managing Director of BW.

Winsome Bonitto

A photo of Winsome Bonitto, Managing Director of BW Business Analysis Services
Winsome, a Management Accountant, is  Managing Director of BW Business Analysis Services Ltd. and a CIMA qualified Business Analyst. In her role, she leads a team providing advice to small and medium-sized enterprises. This advice seeks to improve performance through analysis of existing business challenges and development of plans for improvement.

A big believer in the need for business planning and reporting, Winsome supports business managers in a partnering relationship for their success.

She is no stranger to management consultancy work, having spent 18 years as a Business Analyst preparing financial reports and management accounting advice which taught her the importance of planning, control and performance management.

Prior to starting her Management Accounting Consultancy business Winsome spent 14 years working for BT with ownership and responsibility for funds worth £17 billion.

After leaving BT Winsome did brief contract work for Superdrug as a Retail Analyst and worked for 1 year at top law firm Bircham Dyson Bell as a Finance Analyst.

In her present role Winsome helps her clients monitor their business performance, plan for growth and ensure sustainability of their venture.

Winsome’s varied background in business analysis, and experience in working both in the corporate and medium-sized business sector, provided her with the perfect foundation for the management consultancy work she does now.