Reinvent your career using a personal business model

Reinvent your career using a personal business model what’s that?  How can you achieve organizational fit using a personal business model?  First up what is a business model?

A business model (BM) is what organizations use to answer the fundamental question – How do we make money in this business and explain the logic of how we deliver value to our customers at an appropriate cost. A BM can be based on 9 building blocks

(See the business model canvas by Strategyzer)

Understanding the BM of an organisation and how the elements fit together will show you where you fit in with your personal business model.

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Working The Numbers

Continuing my series on cashflow and effective business financial management (you can read my previous posts here, here, and here), this post proposes some things you can do to ensure the financial health of your business.

Managing your finances successfully will ensure you never run out of cash and will help you take advantage of growth opportunities.

Keep track

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Eldar Shafir and the concept of Scarcity

Radio 4’s Analysis conducted a fascinating interview with Eldar Shafir, professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, last week. Co-author of the book “Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much, Shafir was being interviewed in front of a live audience at Oxford University, and discussed how scarcity of time and/or money impedes peoples ability to make good decisions.

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