Business Support & Outsourcing

Running a business today is challenging. There are more distractions to cope with and less time to devote to key actions. Our clients have found that engaging our financial and accounting specialists frees up their time allowing them to focus on growing and running the business.

Outsource some or all of your business financial functions in order to free up valuable resources and reduce costs.

General support you should expect:

  • Diagnostic review and report to identify the key options for strengthening your cash flow
  • Explore the 20 sources of cash to see which have the most potential for you
  • Help you understand and manage your breakeven point so you are more able to survive falls in demand
  • Benchmark you against others in your industry to identify the areas where you can most easily improve
  • Create an initial improvement action plan covering all the key areas listed here
  • Produce regular cashflow forecasts to ensure your plans can be funded & you do not get into financial difficulties
  • Give you free access to a library of relevant “Beat the recession” resources eg videos, software, reports etc.
  • Strengthening your cashflow by making more profitable sales & getting paid more quickly
  • Identify which of the 8 key profit drivers has the greatest potential for you
  • Review the 23 profit strategies that lie behind the 8 profit drivers – prioritise and action them
  • Analyse your sales pipeline – & use sales improvement software to identify how to drive sales up
  • Evaluate alternative pricing strategies – since getting your pricing right is usually the fastest and easiest way to increase the profitability of sales

Free up your time so you can concentrate on the important task of growing your business — get in touch today.