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In my last post  ( ) I promised to answer a few questions regarding

personal business models (PBM) these were:

  • How can creating a personal business model help you?
  • What are the 3 career questions we need to answer and how can a PBM help?
  • How can understanding our professional identity help us find satisfying work?
  • What simple visual tool can we use to create our PBM?

Firstly lets recap we said an organisational business model is the logic of how an organisation makes money and how they deliver value to their customers at an appropriate cost. All organisations have a business model whatever the sector.

Likewise as individuals we also create and deliver value to an organisation or customers and get compensated for it.  Treat your career like a business and create a model for your career.

The 3 career questions

 The 3 career questions we must ask ourselves are:

  1. Is it time to move up? This is not necessarily promotion but progression, development
  1. Is it time to move out?
  1. Is it time to adapt your style? You may be happy doing what you do but are you getting the results you feel you should

In a search for job satisfaction we tend to change roles, get another job is viewed as the solution.  Bruce Hazen refers to this type of behaviour as a launch and land strategy (Answering the 3 career questions by Bruce Hazen).

Going from one job to the other is not true career management.  The changing economic marketplace that workers have to operate in today calls for, how to get a career not another job.

Make a decision. Choose a job. interview. Achieving the goal.

We need like businesses to find a model that works.  We all long to go back to the time when we had a job for life if we wanted it; those days have long gone.  We need to face the task of career management.

We all know situations where we or our colleagues’ are busy, busy performing loads of activities but these days the question is increasingly being asked “What value are you creating”?

Are you aware of what value you personally create for your organisation?

Looking over the long-term in business is referred to as strategy, or strategic thinking.  Learning how to create a PBM is a career strategy.

The answer to the 3 questions can be “not now” that’s perfectly acceptable.

When we start a job search we all default to looking for job titles and skill sets to find work but is there a better way?

Our professional Identity

What is your professional identity can you describe it in 7 words?

Your professional identity is not your job title, credentials and degrees not the fact that you have an office with a waterfront view.  Your identity describes you in terms of what makes you unique as you deliver value; different from other professionals doing the same or similar work.

Understanding and being clear about your identity will enable you to see where you fit with your PBM in your organisations business model. And will help you if it’s time to move out understand the business models of prospective enterprises you may think of joining, finding fit. This personality evolves and changes over time and in line with the marketplace. With that we will need a new strategy.

A personal business model how is that going to help?

Looking at the above information, answers that question. But a couple of points to add.

  • A PBM will give you a structured approach to career development this applies to individuals and organisations.
  • Visual way to summarize your professional identity and show you a new way that your skills can be adapted to the changing needs of the marketplace.
  • PBM is an approach that aligns personal and organisational business models

A visual tool

A tool that achieves all and more of the above is the Business Model You®  canvas a one page method for reinventing your career.

Canvas reworked


It is a methodology created by Tim Clark.  It is something you can use for the rest of your life.

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Learn a simplified message as you understand and describe your own personal business model

Take a look come along